The Work

The ancient, sacred art of spiritual direction has been practiced since time immemorial, and is found in some form or another in all spiritual and religious communities and cultures, (as far as I am aware). Unlike most therapeutic modalities, this work does not involve diagnosis or treatment. Like most therapeutic modalities though, spiritual direction does require extensive training -and formation-, as well as working deftly within ethical guidelines.

Although all are welcome to partake of this work, it would generally be a good idea to have been undertaking or to be about to undertake some kind of daily spiritual practice, of which there are numberless kinds from all the world’s spiritual traditions, ancient and modern. Your daily practice may be as simple as silent sitting, journaling, contemplative walks in nature, or breathwork. If you are interested and would like to explore your options for daily spiritual practices that might work for you in our sessions, that would be fine too.

I practice the evocative method of spiritual direction, in which I have been well trained. As per our ethical guidelines, I am also receiving ongoing evocative spiritual direction as well as supervision. I love this work very much, from every angle, whether as a spiritual director, directee, supervisor or supervisee. One day I hope to train apprentices in this method.

It is an immense joy and an honor to accompany people on their spiritual journeys, which don’t have to resemble mine outwardly at all for me to be an effective spiritual accompanist for them. Based on my training and background, I am well-suited to providing spiritual accompaniment for those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious.

I consider myself and my work to be mystical, panentheistic, interfaith educated, culturally responsive, trauma informed, womanist and LGBTQIA+ affirming.

This is my current, working definition of what I offer: I listen deeply & with love to those I accompany, to witness & affirm the unfolding of spiritual life, because I believe in our sacred birthright to self-realization.”

With spiritual accompaniment you may wish to explore some or all of the following, (this isn’t an exhaustive list):

  • your conception of, language for, and relationship with the Divine.
  • your spiritual orientation, perspective, journey and story.
  • finding and / or deepening your own spiritual practices.
  • integrating spiritually transformative experiences or spiritual emergencies.
  • self-realization and the embodiment of innate wisdom.
  • noticing, celebrating and honoring rites of passage.
  • preparing for vows and -once avowed- tending your ongoing relationship with them.
  • your sense of purpose and belonging. Even and especially for survivors of betrayal trauma.
  • your creativity and generativity. Cultivating and offering your gifts.
  • discernment and the development of self trust.
  • healthy detachment and the renunciation of suffering.
  • spiritual activism and social justice.

I offer individual, partnership, and group spiritual accompaniment, and individual supervision. My fee for an hour to an hour and fifteen minute session, typically via Zoom, is $64.

Cultivating the Practices of Deep Listening and Spiritual Presence Across All Faith Traditions and Spiritual Orientations.

The Mission Statement of Spiritual Directors International